Worst day ever

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Worst Day Ever Quotes

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Worst Day Ever?

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A website to remember. WARNING: CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGES 包含闪烁的图像. Enquiries Embed. Within a week, Joice's initial message was re-tweeted thousands of times, and Worst Day Ever? had become an internet sensation, downloaded over a million times, shared by thousands on social media, and translated into languages including Russian, Chinese and Hebrew.

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Worst Day Ever

But Chanie Gorkin was no ordinary sixteen year old, and the piece she wrote - Worst Day Ever? - is no ordinary poem. A student at the all-girls Beth Rivkah high school in Brooklyn, Chanie is an Orthodox Jew, affiliated with the Lubavitch branch of Hassidic Judaism.

WORST DAY EVER Colon & Rectal Surgery. A colon and rectal surgeon is trained to diagnose and treat various diseases of the intestinal tract, colon, rectum, anal canal and perianal area by.

Jul 27,  · Today was the absolute worst day ever And don’t try to convince me that There’s something good in every day Because, when you take a closer look, This world is a pretty evil place.

Worst day ever
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