Why projects fail

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Four Common Reasons Why Projects Fail

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Why Projects Fail

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin According to reports, 25 percent of technology projects fail outright; 20 to There are many reasons why projects (both simple and complex) fail; the number of reasons can be infinite.

However, if we apply the 80/20 rule the most common reasons for failure. Is project failure considered business as usual in your organization?

Statistics vary as to how many projects fail, but everyone agrees the number is too high. Projects that aren’t executed properly can be destined for failure.

Why IT projects really fail

Numerous studies have backed this claim in a variety of industries and sectors. Granted, projects do and will fail, particularly IT projects. While perception has much to do with the definition of failure, that perception is often steeped in reality.

A common reason why projects fail is related to visibility. All three tiers of the project team, executive management, project managers, and team members, need access to.

Top 10 Reasons Why Projects Fail Why projects fail
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Why Projects Fail – Why Do Projects Fail?