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Consideration in English law

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A functioning Go board is not the crux of my project but i do need one and yours works greatly, is it ok if I use it so long as i cite this page and give you credit? Chappell & Co Ltd v Nestle Co Ltd [] UKHL 1 is an important English contract law case, where the House of Lords confirmed the traditional doctrine that consideration must.

bits of law. Introduction. general rule: acceptance must be communicated Entores v Miles Far East Corp. [] 2 QB Re Selectmove [] 1 WLR Facts: a dispute over tax; Issue: question of whether silence could constitute acceptance featured but was not essential to decision.

Re Selectmove Ltd [1995] 1 WLR 474

The board game of Go is so expressly Japanese – elegant, yet simple, yet layered with depths of genius for those who meditate upon it.

The rules are simple, and well documented here. Here is an example of a python program that will allow two human players to play. The company appealed against an order for its winding up, saying that the debt was disputed, an accomodation having been reached with the Revenue.

Held: The court declined to regard a promise to the Revenue by a company to pay its existing.

Re selectmove
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