My summer as an explorer intern at microsoft in redmond wa

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Internships jobs

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My Microsoft internship interviews in Redmond

Application. I applied through a recruiter. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Microsoft (Redmond, WA) in February Interview.


I was messaged by Microsoft recruiters from Linkedin. Why Microsoft. Find a job you love, create the future you want, explore your unique passion, and empower billions.

Learn more about our culture. Redmond, WA. Microsoft (company) Internships. For the Microsoft Explore Internship, if you get flown out to Redmond how likely are your chances on receiving an offer? Update Cancel.

Microsoft Interns Save Bellevue!

Answer Wiki. I have interviewed candidates for the Explorer internship program. In my case, it was a half-day event and there were around 6 or 7.

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My summer as an explorer intern at microsoft in redmond wa
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