Microsoft windows information rules

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Manage email messages by using rules

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The Get Help app in Windows 10 provides fast, free support from our Virtual Agent.

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Open Get Help app. Ask the Virtual Agent in the browser instead.

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If you want to minimize connections from Windows to Microsoft services, or configure particular privacy settings, this article covers the settings that you could consider. Windows 10 unveils new innovations & is better than ever. Shop for Windows 10 laptops, PCs, tablets, apps & more.

Manage connections from Windows operating system components to Microsoft services

Learn about new upcoming features. Windows Installer uses installation packages, which contain information that Windows Installer needs to install, uninstall, or repair a product and to. Microsoft Corporation (MS) is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft windows information rules
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