Meacock underwriting a loan

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VA Loan Underwriting Guidelines

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Underwriting is the process a lender uses to determine if the risk of offering a loan to a borrower is acceptable. There are three possible outcomes. Another example is found in Victoria Insurance Co v King [58] which concerned an assignment by an insured to an underwriter of causes of action against a tortfeasor in circumstances where the insured did not have a right of subrogation.

The Unseen Risk in the Booming Loan Market

The underwriter clearly had a commercial interest in recouping payment made under the policy. A group of underwriting members underwriting insurance business through the common agency of a managing agent, each underwriter taking a proportion of the insurance for himself/herself, without assuming liability for the proportions taken by the other members of the syndicate.

A loan meets AIG Investments’ underwriting quality standards if the borrower’s credit and capacity to make payments and the quality of the collateral are consistent with the mortgage loan program under which the loan is sold to an Approved Buyer.

The likelihood of timely repayment is expected. Loan-Score’s Enterprise AUS empowers a lenders’ own staff with the tools to control changes to products, pricing and underwriting guidelines on their own.

Or, Loan-Score’s Turnkey AUS offers lenders the option to benefit from an out-of-the-box AUS that relies on a trusted managed services model.

Meacock underwriting a loan
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