Lost property by james maloney

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Lost Property (novel)

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An Article About Lost Property

Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Teachers Notes for Lost Property. A Novel by James Moloney Published by Penguin, Notes by Pam Macintyre. Overview. Josh, who has just finished year eleven, has a holiday job in the Lost Property. CATHERINE ANDERSEN Catherine Andersen, age 85, of Whitelaw, died Wednesday, October 19,at Harmony of Manitowoc.

Catherine was born on May 11,in Cato, daughter of the late Theodore and Ella (Collins). Lost Property by James Maloney is a young adult novel that deals with relationships teenagers may experience.

The novel, narrated by Josh Tambling, a seventeen year old high school student, illustrates what he learns through the progression of the story about his relationships with other characters.

Lost property by james maloney
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