Icelandic society in njals saga

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Iceland in this period is about the only libertarian society that actually existed in a real historical place for any meaningful length of time. Iceland did without kings or a State for several centuries.

Njal's Saga

The remarkable thing that emerges in Njal’s Saga is that Iceland had practically no criminal law. Only civil law. Guide to the classics: the Icelandic saga But other people would probably have considered such things to have been normal in the society of the pre-Christian age in Scandinavia and other.

The farm and its occupants are mentioned in many works of medieval literature, including Njal's Saga, Sturlunga Saga and the Saga of Saint Thorlákur. The old farm at Keldur is managed by the National Museum of Iceland and can be visited daily during the summer.

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Posted by Steven on 2/2/,in reply to “Njals Saga translations” (non-spoiler – though I don’t think spoilers are an issue in this sort of literature) I am about a third of the way through and enjoying it very much. It is a fascinating look at a unique society and very readable.

And the sagas are anonymous narratives in the Old West Norse language that were penned in the 13th and 14th century by Icelanders, in Iceland, and preserved in Iceland; which is where the term "Icelandic Sagas" comes in. Njáls saga (modern Icelandic pronunciation: and that Njáls saga criticizes the idea of a misogynistic society by showing that the ideal of masculinity can be so restrictive that it becomes oppressive to men and destructive to society.

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Proverbs in Njáls saga; Njals Tapestry.

Icelandic society in njals saga
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