Case 3 2 foreign exchange trading at baldwin enterprises

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Ed. Deborah. Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), a joint facility of UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law. CASE – FOREIGN EXCHANGE TRADING AT BALDWIN ENTERPRISES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the following case we are going to be analyzing the transaction costs in the foreign exchange market of a company called Baldwin enterprises%(7).

Suppose £1 is trading for $ in New York City and $ in London. A foreign exchange trader could take $ and buy £1 in London's financial exchange market and then sell it for $ in New York's financial exchange market.

Baldwin’s current portfolio of cash holdings includes 2 million USD, 5 million EUR, 1 million GBP, 3 million HKD, and 30 million JPY. This portfolio is equivalent to $9, USD under the current exchange rates (given above).

Case 3 2 foreign exchange trading at baldwin enterprises
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