Capstone guidelines

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Capstone Preparation

The high manual to be followed for great and documentation of sources should be witnessed by the key department. The Capstone Symposium at HPU uses the poster presentation format (either only on paper or with multimedia on laptops) in order to promote presenter-audience interaction.

Capstone Guidelines

See examples of past poster presentations here. Writing Capstone MSSE Writing Style Workbook.

Capstone Symposium Presentation Guidelines

This workbook includes: Writing General Guidelines; Specific Capstone Criteria; Model of Capstone Paper with Formatting Instructions and Guidelines. Whatever style is used, it must be used consistently throughout the entire document. Minnesota State Mankato margin requirements may vary from those listed in the manuals of style.

If a discrepancy regarding margins exists between a specific manual of style and these guidelines, the student should follow the guidelines specified below. Capstone Guidelines 3 CAPSTONE.

Capstone Guidelines

P. ROCESS. The Capstone process generally follows three stages. Pre-Seminar Stage. The Pre-Seminar Stage is dedicated to identifying the Capstone Project topic.

This is the stage prior to the term in which the student enrolls in Capstone Seminar. Refer to the guidelines for reference on the Capstone process. *Note: This is a reference. NOT THE INSTRUCTIONS. For accurate instructions, please review the tools in. Capstone Guidelines The purpose of the capstone in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is for students to undertake an independent project that applies and synthesizes what they have learned in their major(s).

Format & Style Guidelines Capstone guidelines
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