Analysis of umbrella branding

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Umbrella brand

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Analysis of Amazon’s Supply Chain Management Practices

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Brand architecture

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SpringerLink. Search SpringerLink Issue 1, pp 86– | Cite as. A cross-category and cross-country analysis of umbrella branding for national and store brands.

Authors those that are available across the categories studied into one “store brand” for each market and treated it as an umbrella store brand in our analysis for each.

Umbrella branding is referred to as a marketing practice which involves selling several related products under the name of a single brand. Umbrella Branding (umbrella brand) also known as (family branding) involves creating good brand equity for a single brand.

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Analysis. To start with, Amazon’s SCM has a strategic fit with its competitive strategy of being the retailer of choice for its combination of multi-tier inventory management, superlative transportation, and highly efficient use of IT (Information Technology), and its wide network of warehouses are all geared towards aligning its SCM with its competitive strategy.

Analysis of umbrella branding
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